As 2 moms with 5 kids between us, we know kids love simple tasty food!  BitterSweet Kitchen's is goal to provide kid friendly food with quality ingredients. We are constantly developing and adding new menu items - always open to suggestions to hear what kids love.  We want to make sure we provide quality meals that are enjoyed and well received.  We also know parents love any opportunity to not to have to pack a lunch!  
  • fresh food, made with high quality ingredients, locally sourced & organic whenever possible

  • always from made from scratch 

  • all baked goods are made in house baked fresh daily 

  • nut/peanut free facility 

  • please contact us regarding any dietary concerns and we will do our best to accommodate 

  • we label and sort food by division - Munch A Lunch & friendly
We meet all VSB requirements:
  • City of Vancouver Business License
  • $5M Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Permit
  • $3M Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Food Safe LEVEL 1 & 2
*please contact us for our full menu with details and prices
2019/20 MENU
Pizza Pretzel​
  • hand rolled & freshly baked pizza pretzel:  cheese, pepperoni or Hawaiian
Honey Soy Rice Bowl
  • chicken, wild salmon or tofu in a orange honey soy sauce​ on jasmine rice with edamame
Chicken Strips
  • oven baked breaded strips of chicken breast/tenders - hormone & antibiotic free

  • ketchup on the side

Butter Chicken or Tofu
  • chicken breast or tofu in a blend of Indian spices in a savoury cream sauce on jasmine rice
  • greek style marinated chicken breast or tofu served with rice & hummus or tzatziki on the side​ ​

Pretzel Hotdog

  • all beef or veggie hotdogs freshly baked into a soft pretzel bun (our most popular item!)


  • beef or veggie served on a brioche bun, ketchup on the side


  • chicken noodle


  • cheese, black bean, beef or chicken

Penne with Marinara Sauce or Butter 

  • penne noodles tossed in our scratch made kid friendly marinara sauce, marinara meat (beef) sauce or butter 

Cheese Tortellini with Pesto or Butter
  • cheese stuffed tortellini tossed with pesto, our scratch made kid friendly marinara sauce or butter
Organic Bagel
  • organic bagels:  cream cheese, BLT, turkey & cheddar cheese or ham & cheddar cheese with lettuce and tomato   
Grilled Cheese​​
  • cheddar cheese, cheddar & ham or cheddar & tomato
  • plain, cheese, ham & cheese or turkey & cheese


Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookie

  • soft and gooey made with Belgian chocolate chunks

   Brownie Rainbow Chip Cookie

  • ​chocolate brownie cookie with rainbow chocolate chips

Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie

  • whole oats and dark chocolate chunks



Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chunk 

Apple Sauce Cinnamon Belgian Milk Chocolate Chunk

Sides of Goodness


Veggie Cup - cucumbers & carrots served with hummus or ranch dressing

Side of Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Side of Veggies (carrots & cucumbers)

Roasted Broccoli​​

Caesar Salad